Caregiver Retreats

What are Caregivers?

For some people, going to work means caring for others by offering medical, emotional or material aid to those who are vulnerable or otherwise need assistance. Too often these caregivers’ dedication to the well-being of others comes at the expense of their own.

The Uplands Center recognizes that self-care reflects a commitment to others as well as to oneself and offers retreats designed to serve that need. 

Restorative and self-care group practices


Caregiver retreats afford participants a variety of opportunities to recharge and renew themselves. In an environment that settles the body, stills the mind and quiets the soul, caregivers can hold space for themselves, just as they do for others.

Customized for each group, retreats offer yoga classes, self-guided wellness walks, facilitated discussions, art workshops, sound baths, therapeutic massages and more. Balanced with these activities, Caregiver retreats are designed to include  ample free time for personal reflection, rest, spa amenities and delicious farm to table cuisine–all in a serene  environment of sweeping natural beauty. Participants emerge from retreats having learned self-care techniques, such as emotional self-regulation, breath-work and other mindfulness practices. They leave realigned, renewed and resourced for their return to serving others in the world.


“The uplifting and restorative energy of the Uplands and our retreat continue to resonate with me and those who attended the retreat… The value and healing of the Uplands Center has become the wind beneath our wings.”

Participant, Vassar Brothers Medical Center Retreat

“I went to a retreat at The Uplands and just want to say there are so many things to love about it.  The entrance was gorgeous and then there are all these lovely secret places around the center that are so welcoming.  Gardens, walking trails, the spiritual center in the woods and the different views were stunning.  I felt refreshed immediately from the beauty of the building inside and out, and the calming landscapes that the Uplands has to offer.”

Participant, Teacher's Retreat

Retreat Examples

Some of the caregiver groups that we’ve welcomed at the Uplands include:

  • Physicians in emergency medicine
  • Grief counselors for bereaved children 
  • Educators
  • Organization that supports parents of children with brain tumors
  • Case managers of special needs children
  • Hospice caregivers and nurses
  • Yoga instructors who work with the terminally ill
  • Counselors for individuals suffering from Substance Use Disorder

Co-Create a Retreat

Would you like to consider a caregiver retreat at The Uplands Center? If so, begin by filling out our form below. We can stand ready to co-create a custom retreat with you that responds to your main aims.


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