Changemaker Retreats

What are Changemakers?

In the US and across the globe, there are countless organizations dedicated to an important social cause. While their missions are distinct, these “changemaker” organizations coalesce around common objectives that aim to change the world for the better, whether by challenging unjust systems or harmful practices, innovating and promoting policies that address the needs of vulnerable groups, or defending and caring for the environment. 

The Uplands Center is dedicated to nurturing these groups and their leaders by providing a dynamic setting for them to convene, collaborate, strategize and build.     

Strategic and energizing gatherings


Changemaker retreats offer an opportunity for leaders and organizations to gather for reflection, program design, team building, stress-reduction and leadership development. Participants come together to reflect on their shared struggles, consider course-corrections and forge a path forward. Because of the immense responsibility these groups bear in serving others, changemakers also need to clear their minds, nurture their spirits and recharge their energies for the work ahead.  These retreats integrate a thoughtful blend of focused meeting time in state-of-the-art conference facilities with wellness practices, spa amenities and delicious farm to table cuisine–all in a serene  environment of sweeping natural beauty. We invite you to explore some of our past retreats here.


“I was thinking how much we as Kairos needed that retreat, it has been far too long, and in fact I don’t think we have ever had a more productive retreat and at the same time felt so relaxed and nourished and cared for…  [We] felt extra comfortable and welcome and appreciated and understood.”

Retreat participant, Kairos

“We just want to express our extreme gratitude and appreciation for providing such a beautiful and peaceful space for us to decompress from all of the trauma we experience in our line of work.… and to acknowledge and devise better ways of dealing with [that] trauma.” 

Participant, Newark Community Street Team

Retreat Examples

Some of the changemaker groups that we’ve welcomed at the Uplands include:

  • Organizations seeking to prevent inner-city gang violence
  • Education reform advocacy organizations
  • Community organizations focused on expanding housing options
  • Anti-poverty campaigners
  • Organizations that design programs for children with disabilities
  • Groups that promote the leadership of young women of color
  • Networks dedicated to advancing racial justice in agriculture
  • College access and success programs for youth in underserved communities

Co-Create a Retreat

Would you like to consider a changemaker retreat at The Uplands Center? If so, begin by filling out our form below. We can stand ready to co-create a custom retreat with you that responds to your main aims.


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