What We Do

Serenity in the Heart of the Catskills

The Uplands Center, located 2.5 hours outside NYC on 290 acres of sweeping farm and woodlands in the western Catskills, hosts retreats for groups seeking renewal, learning, and growth.

The Center provides an amenity-rich setting for innovative program design, brainstorming and co-creation for social service organizations as they develop or refine their mission. The extensive array of restorative care programs and offerings also make the Center an ideal setting for groups whose mission is to serve others, including health care providers, educators, first responders and social service providers.

Whether the focus is caregivers or changemakers, the Center’s many offerings and serene setting connect guests with the mutually nourishing, growth-promoting power of nature and the value of sustainability.


Types of Retreats

Caregiver Retreats

Our Caregiver Retreats serve those who, in the course of caring for others, become depleted or disconnected from their own mind-body-spirit needs and seek restoration, realignment and renewal. Such groups include health care practitioners, educators, first responders and social service providers. Learn More

Changemaker Retreats

Our Changemakers Retreats serve as a catalyst to bring new ideas and programs to life by offering leaders of educational, social and environmental initiatives a venue for innovative program design and collaboration. Learn More

Environmental & Community Programs

Building greater awareness of the natural world and understanding the role that humans play as caretakers of the earth has a powerful healing impact. The Uplands Center aspires to elevate environmental consciousness through experiential, place-based education and programming. Learn More

Creative Arts Programs

The Uplands recognizes that creatives arts are not only a healing modality, but also a mechanism for community building, activism, and social change. The Uplands aspires to support artists in their work to re-imagine and redesign the world, bring individuals together, shift perspectives, and effect positive change in the world.

Our Offerings

Our guests enjoy full access to our spa and wellness areas, yoga rooms, craft spaces, indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, hiking trails and meditation spots. We offer yoga/meditation class, guided nature hikes or a garden tour and facilitation support, and can arrange third-party services (art experiences, meeting facilitation, massage therapy, etc.) Learn more

Co-Create Your Retreat With Us

Every retreat at the Uplands is co-created between participants and Uplands staff. Together, we’ll build a customized experience that realizes your goals, fulfills your vision and surpasses your aspirations.


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