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Meditation is a set of techniques that encourages greater awareness and focused attention in the present moment. Meditation offers us the chance to observe our thoughts and feelings with acceptance rather than judgment. Especially when done consistently, meditation practice leads to reduced stress hormone levels, increased resilience, better work engagement, and improved concentration and attention. 

Retreats at The Uplands Center can incorporate meditation in a variety of ways. Outdoor nature-based guided meditations may be practiced while sitting on the soft ground of the cherry grove or on a meditative walk through the woods. Sites for solo meditation are available around the property, and guided meditation classes are offered in our yoga room.  Whether the class is focused on breath work, guided visualizations, or self-regulation techniques, the practice can be tailored to meet each group’s unique aims.


We found the mindfulness session with Ann to be particularly helpful, as we are an organization that is deeply committed to mental health, wellness, trauma-informed care and more.”

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