Nature Immersion

By offering opportunities for visitors to engage in meaningful interactions with the natural environment at the Uplands, we hope to rejuvenate guests and inspire them to view the world as a network of interdependent, transformative relationships.

Nurturing relationships with our environment



With 290 acres of sprawling woodlands, meadows, ponds and creeks, The Uplands provides activities in a setting that is naturally revitalizing, healing, and inspiring. Facilitated or self-guided activities at The Uplands encourage visitors to explore their relationship with nature in a direct and deliberate way. Spending focused time in nature decreases stress hormones, calms the nervous system, boosts the immune system, clarifies thinking and improves mood. For caregivers and changemakers, these nature-derived benefits may be particularly welcomed as their work often leaves them depleted and in need of rejuvenation. By devoting time to slow down and immerse oneself in nature, visitors at The Uplands honor the needs of their own minds, bodies, and spirits.


“The highlight of my experience while there was sleeping outside under the stars and waking up to the fresh crisp air and nature’s conversation.”

Retreat Participant, Newark Community Street Team

Nature Immersion Activities

  • Educational nature walks focusing on a variety of topics including medicinal and edible plants, forest health and habitats, bird identification, natural history, and more
  • Self-guided walks on interpretive trails such as the “Wellness Walk” and other scenic pathways
  • Forest bathing – a soothing practice of deliberately observing and interacting with nature using all senses in the present moment
  • Outdoor meditations and mindfulness practices
  • Creative arts programs that draw inspiration and/or materials from the natural world
  • Garden activities such as educational tours, planting, harvesting, and journaling
  • Star gazing around a bonfire
  • Sunrises and sunsets, surrounded by the sounds of birds and other wildlife
  • Outdoor team building activities

Co-Create a Retreat

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