Renewal & Growth Retreats

Too often, our dedication to the well-being of others is at the expense of our own. Our Renewal and Growth Retreats serve groups of direct service providers who, in the course of serving others, feel overextended, depleted or vicariously traumatized. We recognize that self-care is an obligation to others as well as to oneself. In order to continue giving in a sustainable way, those who serve others must honor their own mind-body-spirit needs.


Learn Restorative Self-Care Practices


We invite retreat guests to be still and deeply listen to their own needs so that they can hold space for themselves, just as they hold space for others. Embraced by the Uplands community and its tranquil surroundings, participants re-attune to themselves through creative, meditative, expressive and movement modalities.

Retreat guests work with our team to design a customized experience, selecting from an array of revitalizing and stress-reducing offerings. These include massage, meditation, yoga, sauna, guided hikes and nature immersion.

They emerge from retreats with tangible self-care techniques, such as emotional self-regulation, breathing, grounding, mindfulness, movement and visualization practices. An Uplands retreat experience assures guests leave realigned, renewed and resourced for their return to serving others in the world.

The Uplands Center Renewal and Growth Experience

Leave behind today’s culture of hectic overextension, and immerse yourself in the sanctuary of sweeping serenity that is the Uplands. An Uplands retreat immerses guests in an environment that settles the body, stills the mind and quiets the soul.

“I am thankful for how the Uplands rekindled in me the drive to keep going, to discover and pursue what calls to me, to listen with care to my own intuition and to manifest that! It is an empowering and inspiring community I became part of.”

Mary | Educator, Retreat Participant

Many guests choose to begin and end their day with gentle yoga and meditation in the skylight-studded yoga studio, sun-drenched by day, starlit by night. Breakfast and lunch buffets of nutritious homemade meals are followed by circle sessions which hold space for intention-setting, group sharing, community bonding and skill-building. Retreat agendas build in time for each guest to savor nature and indulge in the vast array of indoor wellness and creative offerings.

After another sumptuous feast prepared with joy by our local chefs, guests retreat to the patio firepit to behold the stunning sunset before they gather around the circle bonfire.

Guests depart replenished, re-energized and resourced.


“Like the calming cascade of the Upland’s natural surroundings, the cadence of the retreat days are peaceful, sprawling and inspiring.”

Ann Rasmussen | Co-Founder, The Uplands

Retreat Examples

Some of the groups that we’ve welcomed here at the Uplands include:

  • Team seeking to prevent inner-city gang violence
  • Educators
  • Grief Counselors
  • Pastoral Care providers
  • Health Care Practitioners
  • Case managers of special needs children
  • Hospice caregivers and nurses
  • Yoga instructors for terminally ill
  • Mothers of children with brain tumors

Typically we partner with an organization whose mission is to provide direct services along the lines suggested by these examples.

Can you see yourself at an Uplands Center Renewal and Growth Retreat? We invite you to explore some of our past retreats here as a template to build your own. We can co-create a custom retreat that fulfills your every requirement.



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