Ann Rasmussen

Ann leaning on white fence

Ann Rasmussen

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Ann’s life passion and calling is to bring healing to people suffering loss, hardship and trauma.  A Clinical Psychologist (Psy.D., Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology) Ann has worked with individuals, couples and community groups for over 30 years. She has felt deeply honored to partner in people’s healing journeys as they evolve from states of acute and disorienting distress to greater self-aligned clarity, integrity, calm, direction and empowerment.  Over the years, out of growing appreciation for the interactive power of mind-body-spirit needs, and their impact on interpersonal functioning, Ann has expanded her knowledge and skills in diverse healing modalities, drawing upon relational, neuropsychological, PTSD (EMDR), emotional, somatic, physiological and self-regulation approaches. As reflected in the Uplands’ offerings, Ann holds deep respect for the holistic healing and transformative power of community, nature, animals, creative arts, spirituality, play,  delicious food, kind self-care and love. Ann’s heart’s desire, ultimately, is to co-create with her Uplands family a sanctuary where life in all its interconnected manifestations is reverently nurtured, and where all guests are renewed, elevated and empowered by their Uplands’ experience.


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