Wellness and Self-Care

Too often, the work of caregivers and changemakers comes at the expense of their own well-being. Both in spite of, and because of, their commitment to the welfare of others, The Uplands encourages guests to honor the needs of their own mind, body and spirit.

Restorative and self-care group practices








Self-care is a critical way to support the commitment to advance the public good and is inseparable from the work that caregivers and changemakers do in the world. At The Uplands, a number of accessible activities that soothe the mind and nourish the body can be easily incorporated into retreat offerings, whether via a morning yoga class, mid-day breathing exercises and self-regulation techniques or an evening sound bath. Such practices help restore depleted energies, deepen connections amongst people and enable them to re-engage their work more effectively from a centered state of mind.


“The peace just takes over and makes you feel like everything’s alright”

Retreat Attendee

Wellness and Self-Care Activities

  • Emotional self-regulation techniques to help soothe the mind and calm the body
  • Gentle yoga classes focused on breathing, stretching, grounding, and stress relief
  • Guided meditation for all experience levels
  • Indoor heated lap pool with year-round access
  • Infrared medical-grade sauna
  • Fitness area with elliptical, stationary bike, weights, and stretching area
  • Creative and expressive art classes
  • Facilitated collective reflection*
  • Therapeutic massage*
  • Reiki*

*Subject to availability, additional fees may apply

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