Amenities for Changemakers

Amenities for Changemakers

Changemaker groups are united in the effort to advance positive change in the world through collective action. Groups that are dedicated to a cause can benefit from coming together as a team to bond, review their successes, reconnect over their mission, and plan for the future. Oftentimes, due to lack of other options, these gatherings are held in stark conference rooms or uninspired meeting spaces. The Uplands offers an uplifting alternative to traditional meeting settings with expansive rooms overlooking the 300 acres of rolling hills of the Western Catskills. From meeting spaces that enable teams to advance their work to calming environments that allow changemakers to relax and focus on themselves, The Uplands has everything that changemaker groups require for a successful retreat.


Meeting room

Teams can gather in The Uplands’ conference room, outfitted with a large Smart TV for presentations and zoom meetings, a printer, whiteboard, and comfortable seats for up to 20 people. It’s a space for focused work, but the views of our front flower gardens give some color and life!


Dining hall

For larger gatherings of changemakers, the Dining Hall provides a spacious setting with views of the rolling hills, berry patch, and organic garden. The Smart TV can be brought into this space for online meetings and presentations.


Art studio

The Uplands’ art studio seats up to 20 people and offers a look at our colorful rock garden. Expressive art workshops can help changemaker groups explore themes of their mission or work through a challenge in a creative way. Whether groups are simply looking to shake up their meeting space or tap into their creative side, the art room is a great option for gatherings.


Restorative amenities

While changemaker groups come to The Uplands with an objective to advance their work, they also benefit from the amenities that promote relaxation and renewal. Changemakers are often so dedicated to their cause that their own self-care is overlooked, so the spaces for restoration is a crucial part of their retreat experience. Guests can take a swim in our lap pool or ease into the medical-grade infrared sauna. In addition to yoga classes and outdoor hiking & running opportunities, a small fitness area is
available, equipped with an elliptical and a stationary bike. The yoga room is available to all guests for guided classes or solo experiences. Finally, outdoor amenities such as the garden, cherry grove, vistas and lounge areas offer inspiring views that promote ease and calm.


Interested in booking a changemaker retreat? Fill out our Co-Create a Retreat form and a team member will be in touch!


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